Dial in Activation/Deactivation of Follow Me

I know the answer is right here in front of me but I can’t seem to grab it…

How can I allow for Dial In access for a person to Activate/Deactivate Follow Me?




hint look in feature codes

Ok will do.

You ain’t going to believe the problem I’m having right now. Lost PRI at PD just before 5:00 this afternoon…ATT is last mile provider here…and they shut us down used our facilities to service another customer because they lost all of the records for our service. Seems they’re not willing to put it back like it was either because they don’t know how it was or they don’t want to piss off another customer. It looks like our primary PRI supplier may have to replace the order…Monday.

We’ve set up a route from PD to City Hall by dialing 8 plus number. All incoming DID’s to PD forwarded to CH and are now going to IVR at PD. Need to figure out how to route those DID’s to proper extension by 0900 tomorrow. Went for quick fix, but looks like it may be longer.


This seems fairly surprising the AT&T (I assume the LEC in Vicksburg) would put a private user ahead of public safety. On top of that these are tariffed offerings that have to be repaired within the SLA interval specified in the tariff.

Anyway, I assume you have another PRI in another facility in the same rate center. Call AT&T and tell them to point the trunk group of your DID’s to the route index of the operational PRI’s. If they argue with you tell them to put those exact words in the ticket and send it to the translation 4th level supervisor on duty for the weekend. Make it clear this is a life safety issue.

Once the DID’s are pointed at the working PRI you can use your IP network to route them between FreePBX boxes on an IAX trunk and business as usual.

I hope this helps.