Dial func has func-apply-sipheaders a sub-send-obroute-email

Hello to all,
I noticed that I make call from FreePBX, the Dial func contains many parameters that I do not need.

Executing [[email protected]:34] Dial("SIP/100-0000001f", "SIP/via_Trunk/602252000,300,Tb(func-apply-sipheaders^s^1,(5))U(sub-send-obroute-email^602252000^602252000^5^1650790721^^100)") in new stack

Where I can turn off this func-apply-sipheaders and sub-send-obroute-email func?

Thank you

You can’t. FreePBX makes a lot of decisions about optional features at run time, rather than generating completely customised code. It is a PBX construction tool, not an Asteirsk dialplan construction tool.

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