Dial from screen using different SIP accounts

Okay, so I have a potential client with two companies. I think he has two SIP accounts on his phones. It allows him to dial out with the correct Caller ID and receive calls to the right button on the phone. Easy cheesy. Now…he’s on some hosted something because they have an integration to ACT. The problem is the ACT integration will only allow dialing from the screen using a single Caller ID. So I’m thinking of getting him over to FreePBX using some module to give him what he wants. Would ZULU be the way to go on this? And while we’re at it, can we do screen pops on inbound calls?

FreePBX has a CRM integration module you can buy that might get you at least part of the way there, but you’ll need to talk to sales engineering about it if you have any specific questions the wiki doesn’t answer.

Now, as far as CID control, etc. - FreePBX can help you with all of that sort of stuff, but it isn’t magic. You’re working your way into some pretty deep water and it might be a challenge to get it working, and we’re not going to be able to help without details.

If your client is comfortable editing the outbound dial string with a prefix to indicate which CID to present, then this module will work:

Yes, with Zulu.

Thank you for the answers so far, and I think we’re making good headway. Let me ask it a different way here. Assuming I have the phones each set up with two SIP accounts (extensions), with each account having the proper outbound CID, can the CRM integration or Zulu give the option of which extension to dial from at a click? It seems this hosted thing he’s on throws an icon onto his screen right next to phone numbers. When he clicks that icon, his phone picks up and dials. (Actually, I think it dials him and when he goes off-hook, it dials the destination). What are your thoughts on this?

There are SO many ways to do this that it’s going to be hard to say, but “in general”, whichever extension the click-to-dial (C2D) is calling should be the one that gets used, and since you can set the Caller ID for the extension at the FreePBX Extension definition level, I’d say “probably”. Remember though, this is highly dependent on lots of specific (and sometimes arcane) settings in various parts of the system.

Just to muddy the waters even more, there are extensions you can add to your browser that will give you a C2D icon on anything that looks like a phone number. There are also applications you can add to various CRM system which can be used to create the same icons. The C2D problem-space has been attacked from many different directions and has many different solutions - some better than others - that it might take more research for you to actually figure out precisely what is going on there.