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Dial extension and automate wait and dtmf

(Leon) #1


I’m trying to find the best and easiest way (most probably not the same) to create some sort of speeddial to dial and open a door lock with one button press.
So we need to dial the internal extension of the door intercom, wait for it to answer, press a key (dtmf), wait, press another key (dtmf), wait for the doorlock to activate and hangup.

Can you please help me out?


Manipulate dialplan to call other extension?
(Itzik) #2

I’m thinking of some custom code that calls the door phone, waits a second, plays the DTMF code, waits 2 seconds and hangs up. And have a virtual extension forwarded to this script.

I’m not good at writing code, i believe other people here are better at this than me. Or someone else has a better idea.

(Dave Burgess) #3

Write a context that answers the call, uses the PlayDTMF function, and hangs up. Connect it through the Custom/Miscellaneous functions on the GUI and make it available as a dialed extension.

There are plenty of examples here on the forums - search for playdtmf.

(TheJames) #4

Dial Local/4805551212www1212

each w is 500ms
so this would
Dial 4805551212
Wait 1.5 seconds
Dial 1234

(Leon) #5

Allright, so in the config edit i’ll dit the ‘extensions_custom.conf’:
I want to use 900 to call the intercom

exten => 900,1,Dial Local/220www1212
exten => 900,1,Hangup

But then…how can I get Freepbx with Custom and/or Miscellaneous functions to add extension 900, and point it to the code?


(Lorne Gaetz) #6

Custom dial plan is done with a “Custom Destination”. For your example above, you would create a custom destination with a Goto string of:


and then use this destination in the GUI to direct the call. If you need a dialable feature code, use a Misc Application.

However, your dial string is not going to work as it’s mis-formatted. You also need to look at the help for the Dial application, and the option to pass DTMF post answer is with the D option, so it will look something like:

exten => 900,1,Dial(Local/220@from-internal,30,D(www1212))
exten => 900,1,Hangup

(Leon) #7

Hi Lorne,

thanks, got it!
Works like a charm now.


(system) #8

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