Dial DID > Route to IVR > Enter "code" > get dialtone and dial out of the system

Is it possible to configure FreePBX to accept a call from a specific DID > route to a IVR where the caller would enter a “designated code” that transfers them to an extension or queue where a dialtone is given so they can call out of the pbx?

You are looking for DISA:

Amazing, thank you very much!

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Question for you - I have DISA setup and I can call the DID, enter the code and get dialtone, but when I dial a number, it just rings fast busy. I’ve tried xxx-xxx-xxxx format, 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx format, and 011 xxx xxx xxxx… no dice.

Patterns in my outbound routes are below:

() 011.

Calls from the desk phone work fine. Very strange.

Nevermind, I got it. The context had a typo in it. :slight_smile: Thanks again for your assistance

What “context” did you use ?

All good now! Thanks for the help everyone. Great product and great community!

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