Dial by speech, possible?

One of those wild ideas came to me today.

The Cisco phones we’re using have a directory function, I’ve got it listing all the extensions so people can easily dial without memorising a list of extensions etc, it’s functional but basically its garbage. Slow and cumbersome to use, not FreePBX’s fault.

I want to do it by voice.

I want to press a softkey, say the name of the person and hear a ringing tone. Fast, simple.

As all the names exist already in the system, they would be ‘known entities’ making the speech recognition easier, we’re not transcribing medical reports here!

This must also work for a transfer. Be on a call, press transfer, get dial tone, press the special key, say the name, hang up to wait for answer for attended transfer. The important part here is it mustn’t transfer the call to the speech recogniser!

So. Standard questions: Does it exist and is someone already working on it / completed it before?

I’ve no problem purchasing a recogniser, as long as the price is sane. looking for feedback and suggestions.

possible YES…

These often need proprietary and "not free (as in beer or freedom) libraries.


Oooooh, that looks easy!
LumenVox mentioned in their sample, looks like $3,500 purchase and $1000 per year, possibly more, and of course they seem not to have a trial version that I can find.

I’d certainly prefer it to cost less! I like the idea though, if it worked perfectly (ha!) then it sure would improve the user acceptance levels.