Dial by name directory greeting

Hello All,

I have an IVR option linked to the Directory. Once you type first 3 letters, it finds what you typed but instead of announcing the voicemail greeting, it does the text to speech. The text to speech butchers a lot of names so I need it to play the voicemail greetings.

In the directory module, I have it set to announce VM greeting and all extensions have a recorded busy, unavailable, and name message. I have looked for another setting in the VM admin, directory, and the extensions themselves.

What am I missing?

Did they record their VM name?

Also, take a look at the logs whats happening.

Having same issue and I have set all my greetings up yet still stupid text to speech is taking over.

Issue was resolved… on its own. I had some sip trunk issues so I did all the updating and rebooted the system a couple times. Somewhere in the mix, the greetings began to take over without me doing anything.