Dial Back - Number shown is missing the prefix


a customers freepbx installation uses ‘0’ (or ‘9’) to get an outside line. We implemented this with a prefix at the outbound route. This works well so far.
On the phones (Grandstream 21xx) a missed call is shown as xxx-yyyyy where xxx is the area code and yyyyy the extension. The leading 0 or 9 for outbound calls is missing.
In order to call back seamlessly the dialer needs to add the additional 0 in front of the number displayed - which is pretty uncomfortable.

How can this be solved?
It’s propably a simple question - but I didn’t come across a simple solution by myself

Thanks in advance for a hint on how to solve this.

I assume that you’ve maintained this antiquated way of dialing in order to match an old system that’s been replaced. Is there actually any value provided by the prefix? If not, just add new outbound route rules that allow dialing without rules, so that calls with and without the prefix both work.


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