Dial 911/Emergency without delay

We mostly have Sangoma phones. S500, S505, S705.

I would like to be able to dial 911 without a delay.
I am not super familiar with dial patterns, I always just left the defaults. Through some testing, this seems to work

Dial Entry Timeout 5
Dial Now Timeout = 0

We have the emergency routes and emergency callerID all setup. (been there for years) Never had 911 go the wrong location. We had one issue where a person dialed 911, thought the call did not go through because of the dial delay.

During an emergency people get excited, one second can seem lot a really long time. After this instance several managers questioned the emergency reliability of the system. I was able to show exactly what happened, but would really like for it to not happen again.


Yes, this dial plan will avoid delay on 911, but there is still a 5 second delay on all other calls. Depending on the patterns your system accepts, you can set a dial plan that eliminates the delay for most calls.

What is the range of your extension numbers?
How do you dial domestic numbers (7 digits, 10 digits, 11 digits)?

Also, if your trunking provider has a test number for emergency calls (often 922 or 933), you should probably set that up as an ‘emergency’ route and with no delay, so you can thoroughly test without calling 911.


The dial timeout used to be shorter, but I have a lot of user who are… “experienced in life”.

I call route accept 10 or 11 digits. Internal extensions are 4. We don’t get any comments regarding the dial delay anymore. I just want 911 to just go. When poo hits the fan, my users need to trust our phone system.

I’ll have to check on the test number, if I recall last time I asked they did not have one. That was also years ago.

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