Dial 3 digit extension immediately

All of my internal extensions are 2XX or 4XX.

No valid external numbers begin with either 2XX or 4XX, since callers must dial 1 for long distance calls, and no local area codes begin with 2XX or 4XX.

Is there any way to force 2XX and 4XX extension numbers to be dialed immediately (without pressing the call button)?

It appears as if the outbound dial rules only apply to trunks, which are not used when dialing local extensions.

This is a phone config issue. Most hard phones are capable of being configured to do this using the phone dialplan (or digitmap).

I know from your other thread that you are using EPM.

In the main section for hte template, you should see Dial Patterns. populate it.

This is an example of a yealink phone template.

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Thanks Lorne & Jared. I found the documentation fo the dial plan for my Snom 821 phones. It’s great to find all these features that I wasn’t even aware of.

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