DHCPv6 Client - SGN7 FreePBX 14

Does anyone have FreePBX 14 Distro working with IPv6 as a DHCPv6 client?

The distro seems to get one during early steps of the installation process as seen in my router V6 leases. But then the the distro switches to an IPv6 autoconf script that doesn’t obtain its own IP properly.

There is a UUID generated in:


But when I add the option:


And restart the adapter or reboot nothing happens.

FreePBX Distro uses exactly the same network setup as RHEL7. There may be some help available there? I use SLAAC and that works perfectly, I have never tested DHCPv6. Sorry.

SLAAC works but it’s not very useful because the IP can change frequently.

By default we do NOT enable security extensions, so the SLAAC assigned IP address will be effectively static.

I see. DHCPv6 is convenient because the machine sends a hostname back to the router in which a DNS entry is automatically (in my setup) added. In the router the UUID is easily extracted and used to issued a true static IP.

I know, there are plenty of reasons to use it, and as far as I know it works - as I said, we don’t do anything different to CentOS or RHEL 7.

Ok. I have read over those documents. I’m definitely missing something simple. Probably one line missing from a script somewhere.