DHCP Option 66 with ISP Modem

Hi, I have setup FreePBX in my home and I am having an Issue trying to get a Cisco 7975G to work.
I factory reset the unit, and I have the term75.default file in the tftp directory along with the other files it needs.
When I plug in the phone, it grabs an IP, but does nothing else. I am using EndPoint Manager and I am able
to configure Polycom and Cisco ATA 2102 with no issue, it’s just this darn 7975G. I have seen DHCP option 66 or 150 and I have looked all through the cable modem and can not find it.
Any ideas here? Thanks!
I am an “old school” PBX technician, with my experience starting back in 1977 working on 1A1 / 1A2, Demension PBX, Nortel SL1 & SL100, Option 11 to 81 and Norstar Key Systems, NEC, and AT&T as well

typically consumer devices don’t let you do anything fancy with your dhcp server. You need to set up another DHCP server (the cheap option) or get a better router (cost more than free).