DHCP Option 43 String

Hello all,

Got a question on Aastra phones.

We will be using the 6865i in the office and setup on VLAN 7 for phone and VLAN 11 “Native” for PC.

Question is I can not find any info for how to forma the 43 DHCP string to tell the Aastra phone where the boot server is and which VLAN to be apart of.

The admin guide talks a little about it but its for Linux. I will be using Windows 2008 server.

Called Aastra and their useless. Sad to because they made the thing. At least the helpdesk is useless because they are not providing any info for this.

My searching the web came up with a Mitel string someone used:

But what about Aastra phones. Where are these parameters so I can put a sting together. I think the documentation on this is very poor.

Any help would be awesome!