Dhcp client stoped at boot

I am using a FREEPBX
PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-2
PBX Service Pack:

It was working fine for months, but some days ago, when I reboot the computer, the DCHP CLIENT was Stopped. The machine doesn’t get an IP address and I must log on localy to fix it. I must restart the DHCP CLIENT and it gets the IP.

It has a problem with asterisk too. In order to make it work properly with the FreePBX web console, I must stop asterisk and restart it. If I dont do this after a reboot, the FreePBX does not conect with asterisk.

I dont understand why is this happening.

Thank you very much!!

post your config file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts … make sure have on boot set to YES via sysadmin and inside the config file

FreePBX Sysadmin Generated network configuration.

This file was generated at 2016-04-28T21:09:22+00:00



I just checked via SysAdmin and I set as you say. Later the config file is:

#generated: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 01:03:29 +0200

I just rebooted it and it worked. Thank you!!

What about my problem with asterisk not starting? May you help me please?

So after you rebooted the server asterisk still did not start

post the contents of /etc/rc.local

You really need to update you box to the newest freepbx firmwaare

Yes, I’ve been checking and asterisk starts well now after fixing the DHCP problem.
The content of rc.local is:


This script will be executed after all the other init scripts.

You can put your own initialization stuff in here if you don’t

want to do the full Sys V style init stuff.

touch /var/lock/subsys/local

Make sure asterisk starts on boot

/usr/local/sbin/amportal start
ntpdate -u ntp.ubuntu.com

Thank you very much for your help


I am running actually 5.211.65-2 FreePBX

I want to update it to the last FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-16

In the update webpage says:

All upgrades need to be installed in numeric ascending order. Do not skip any upgrade step. Upgrade scripts are not cumulative. Each upgrade script should be run in ascending order to get to the desired final version.

It means that I must update a lot of times, to get from 5.211.65-2 to 5.211.652–65and then to 6.XXX.XX and again avery small update. Later to 10.XXXX and finally10.13.66-16

If I have to do this it will take days to complete!!!

Is there anyway to do it just at once?

Is it worthy to pay the System Admin Pro License and get the updates from there? Is it faster?

I remember updating the distro to version 5 some years ago, but I don’t remember if I did every step,

How could I be sure that my versión is correct and that I dont have anything missing??

Thank you very much for your time and effort!!!

you must do each ugrade step.
it does not take weeks. you are at fault for letting your self get so far behind. upgrade the 5 track one evening, then do the 6 track the next night and then upgrade to the 10 track.

alternatively you could spin up a new system and manually enter all your config info.

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Thank you very much. I think I will set the newest system and make the configuration again.