DHCP but no internet

I have installed FREEpbx on a Centos platform on a Dell Server, with 2 integrated network cards. eth0 is configured for the LAN, eth1 is configured on a Public IP.

My problem is, I have DHCP turned on in the pbx, I get an address, but I can not sure the web. I get correct dns, correct gateway, and subnet are all correct. I can ping the local address of the pbx, and I can ping the public address of the pbx. what I cant ping is the gateway of the public wan on the pbx. do I have to create a route to get the eth cards to share internet?

Are you wanting to use your pbx box as your Internet gateway? This is not a good idea if you do not know what you are doing. Exposing your pbx to the Internet is dangerous if not properly configured.

You probably need to turn on forwarding an setup iptables to do NAT.

I want to be able to log into the devices by port forwarding through the pbx.