DHADI config issues

I’ve been having an issue where if i restart DAHDI & Asterisk with the “Restart DAHDI & Asterisk” button on the bottom of the DAHDI config module, my T1 cards change from

Digium - Wildcard TE131/TE133 Card 1 [ 1]


Digium Undefined

The only way to get it to appear normal again is to power off (not restart) and power back on.

And then with each reboot the cards appear different

This is running on a Sangoma FreePBX 60 Appliance

Not sure if i’m looking at a software issue, faulty card or faulty server issue.

I’ve also had instances where none of the links on the dahdi module appear to do anything.

No Dahdi Config version. No help.

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No version numbers at all. This is going to be impossible to troubleshoot.

I should have known better, DAHDI Config 13.0.33

I had this same issue a while back. It was fixed in an update. Make sure you are all up to date on you modules