Devices Show as Invalid when in User and Device Mode

All devices of users that are dynamically logged into queues show as invalid and are therefore skipped in the queue. It seems that this can only be resolved by adding the agents statically–which forces their inclusion in the queue–but makes call center management challenging.

Right now, devices are set to “fixed” with users pre-assigned—but—We have also tried to use “ad-hoc mode” both with pre-selected and manually logged in agents–to no avail.

We have checked for ghost user devices logged into queues and none are present. We have also verified the load order of module.config–we have preloded the local and SIP channel drivers, as per the Asterisk recommendation. This also did not help.

We have also tried various combination of join empty variables to see if we could force communication with the invalid devices.

We are running FreePBX Distro with Asterisk Ver. 11.4.0 on a 64 bit HP G6 server (12 cores with 64Gb of memory). System is fully yummed to latest copies of stable. Additional FreePBX Modules we have purchased:

FreePBX-CM-Conference Pro
FreePBX-CM-SysAdmin Pro
FreePBX-CM-Call Recording Reports
FreePBX-CM-Web CallMe Module
FreePBX-CM-Page Pro
iSymphony Server Conductor Edition
iSymphony Server Queue License (Qty 19)
iSymphony Client Conductor Edition v2.0 (Qty 100)