Devices and Users SIP Hints/BLF

I am using a new install of PBXIAF, with FPBX 2.9, Ast 1.8. I have it configured for Devices and Users and enabled Dynamic Hints.

I have an AAstra 57i with Expansion module that I want to use the BLF for “Users” and not “Device”, but cannot appear to make that work.

My Device is 4001, and the user is 4101. When the user log’s in, or logs out, the BLF status always appears as “idle”. Even when the user is on the phone it still shows idle.

Is there a way to make this work for users?

It appears that I have to reboot the aastra 57i to get the hints to update on the device. Once a user logs out, the hints no longer work for that user, even after they login again until I do a reboot of the phone. Is that normal?

I am using the latest firmware. I thought that I could use flash panel as a sanity check, but it is only configured for devices, not users. Do I need to manually update the FOP?

BLF hints point to users not devices.

The only BLF hints that get more complicated are feature codes such as DND, Queue Login/out, and some others. Those are complicated because the hint is associated with the device however the actions that take place with the feature code are associated with the current user who is logged on. Therefore things have to be dynamically changed when someone logs on/off the phone.

But normal hints such as speed dials, etc point to users.

So … if your hints are not working in general, then you need to double check your configuration for example “execincludes” set in asterisk.conf as indicated in the tooltip for the Dynamic Hints selection in the Advanced Setting. You may want to check your hints at the CLI also and see what they are saying in case it’s a phone configuration issue.

I have done some debugging. Starting a fresh boot, with a user logged in on x10045 this is what I see with core show hints:

[email protected] : IAX2/10045&Custom:DN State:InUse Watchers 1
[email protected] : IAX2/10045&Custom:DN State:Idle Watchers 1

The BLF works normal until the user logs out. Status updates are what I would expect.

** now logoff
CORE SHOW HINTS – No User 4101 in list
Type reload in cli:
core show hints:
[email protected] : Custom:DND4101 State:Idle Watchers 0

The phone does not see the hints unless I do a reboot of the phone, and then all works again until next logout.

I believe the issue is the output of the file generate_hints.php, mixing the ext with the DND line.

should not be related to the DND, that extension’s 4101 hint is composed of two device states that are not dynamically changed.

then why when the user logs off do I have to do a “RELOAD” to get it to even show as a hint? That doesn’t seem right. Is there a missing call to the dynamic php?

I have modified the user_login_out.agi for the 1.6

These are the events when user logs in / out:

Event: UserEvent
Privilege: user,all
UserEvent: UserDeviceAdded
Data: 4101,10045

Event: UserEvent
Privilege: user,all
UserEvent: UserDeviceRemoved
Data: 4101,10045

I just installed FOP2, and it works properly. I have tried updates to aastra firmware, but no luck. Is this a bug/problem with the endpoint device?