Deviceanduser mode voicemail indicator issue

big fan of deviceanduser mode. however… i can’t figure out how to do 2 things that i hope someone can help me with.

  1. the voicemail message indicator is on the DEVICE, not the user… if you leave it as the default ‘mailbox’ which is [device#]@device, then it doesn’t work… even after logging on. since devices can’t have voicemail anyway, seems a little weird. the only way to make it work is to change the ‘mailbox’ to the extension number which means you have to pick one to hard code. that of course defeats the ability to change users… since the vmi is still tied to another users mailbox.

  2. a way to monitor (and even change programatically) which users are logged on to which devices. i looked in database tables and the cli and can’t find a way other than going to the phone and typing *65 which isn’t realistic as an administrator. ideally i could change it… and if i could, i may be able to update the mailbox above…mmm…

thanks for any insight. doesn’t seem to be much doc on this deviceanduser mode. i’m happy to contribute some, but don’t understand enough about it yet.

  1. See the documentation here for instructions on how to get voicemail indication working in device and user mode:

  1. You can change which users are logged into which device from the FreePBX GUI, by clicking on the device and scrolling to the bottom.

yes, i realize how to get it setup and used these same instructions to do so. the problem is that the MWI only works if you set the mailbox to the user’s mailbox number and you have to do that on the DEVICE. that setting should be on the user imho.

the result is that a user can log on and off with *11, but their mwi only shows for the default user. if i set the device mailbox to [email protected] for example, then use *11 to log onto x111, the mwi is still the one for x100. if i leave the mailbox blank instead, then it doesn’t work at all, no matter if i’m logged on or now.

i also realize i can force a change to the user on the gui, but that doesn’t show me which user is logged on.

seems like the *11 is a good concept but pretty useless since it can’t be monitored and the devices default voicemail box or the mwi doesn’t change when you use it.