Device&User mode: i want the label to follow the label of the login user


I am running freepbx under Device and User mode and i am using Endpoint Manager for the Polycom phones provisioning. That works fine but my problem is that the phone display the device ID as label whoever logs on.
I want the label on the phone to display the ID or the extension of the user who logged in and not the ID of the device.

Any ideas??


as tm1000 guessed, I created a couple of little scripts to write the xhtml file that the polycom minibrowsser uses.

I created two agi scripts :

agent-polycom-logon.php [] and
agent-polycom-logoff.php []

in the login/logout routine I then insert calls to these scripts (pseudo code):

exten => …,n,AGI(agent-polycom-logon.php,${AGENT_LOGEXT},${AGENTCODE})

exten => …,n,AGI(agent-polycom-logoff.php,${AGENT_LOGEXT})

where AGENT_EXT is the device and AGENTCODE is the user.

This rewrites a file by the name of ${AGENT_EXT}.xhtml in the folder that the polycom browser is looking at.

Can you please send me the agi sript thanks :slight_smile:

can you kindly provide me with such script, im not experienced in scripting and programing. thanks.

You can also write a script that uses the mini-display browser on the polycoms.

Eg I wrote a script that displays the users name and refreshes every 60 seconds. It can also do weather and other things.

It’s probably almost the same thing as what mudslide567 said and it’s the only way to do what you want (using xhtml & minibrowser)

Hi mudslide567, im interested in the script i need to get this working :slight_smile:

i wrote a little agi script to rewrite the xhtml static file that the polycom phones use each time a user logs in or out of a phone. this sets the display on the phone [eg: “Agent 7017 Logged In” or “No Agent Logged In” shows up on the phone]

let me know if you are interested.

tm1000 is the expert when it comes to the End Point Manager.

However, I suspect the issue is that the label comes from the phone’s configuration file which is statically created once and only read when the phone boots, so through that means it’s not really possible to update it.

There are some phones like Aastra that can be updated through various types of ACTION URI’s pushed back to the phone. So it may be possible for phone specific situations that something hooked into the login process or listening to the AMI could update the phone. But that is not going to be part of the endpoint manager. (Well actually, it could be at some point…)