Device & User mode and static versus dynamic agents

I am using FreePBX version in Device & User mode. My agents log in to their device with the standard *11 feature and log out with *12. I’d like to NOT use the *45 queue toggle to save additional steps for the agent. I’ve tested adding the agents (i.e. Users) to the queues as Static and as Dynamic agents. Of course as Dynamic they must *45 to toggle into the queue after they *11 to log in to their Device.

If the agents are Static then they only receive calls when they have *11 logged in to their Device. So it works to have them just *11 in and *12 out of their Device. But I am concerned about performance or other issues. Is it okay to have all my agents be Static and log in and out of their Device? Or is it recommended to also *45 to toggle in and out? Or am I paranoid?

  • Jonathan

You should be ok to leave them static.

WIth “proper” Queue configuration the Queue should not even try to contact the agents if they are not logged into their phone because their associated hint status should be unavailable.

Since queue configurations can be quite varied and complex, you may want to do a little testing and observation to make sure you queue is setup so this is the case.