Device and User Mode, Aastra XML Scripts

Hello there,

I’ve set up a test system using FreePBX with Asterisk Scripts version 2.3.1-8fpbx

I’d like to see how a couple of Aastra phones work with the XML scripts in Device and User mode.

I have a 57i and a 53i running firmware

Everything seems to be working as expected, except for the Login/Logout feature.

As I understand it, once the devices are configured with their device ID and secret, a user should be able to login and the device will be populated with their information. However, once I log in to a device with a user extension and password, the device info does not update on the screen - it still shows the device ID, not the user name/extension.

If I reboot the phone, the user information shows up as it should, and all of the buttons work. I was under the impression that this should happen without a reboot.

I’ve tried various firmware versions, different script versions, and I still get the same result.

If anyone out there with experience in this area has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I am also having the same issue.
Is there any particular reason that your not staying current with the Aastra XML scripts in the distro?

How would I manually install the newest files if I wanted to?

“Not staying current” Not sure what you mean. Nobody is maintaining them anymore. Aastra abandoned them years ago. We are the only Distro that is doing in work in them anymore.

Aastra’s site has xml scripts that are versioned 3.2.2, yet the installed version in freepbx 2.11 shows its version is 2.3.1.

Are you actually using the 3.2.2 scripts in the FreePBX distro?

I should clarify something, I am not trying to flame anyone, just short and to the point on questions.

That’s the XML development library. Did you actually look at the package or just see the word XML and jump to conclusions?

I jumped to conclusions of course. I looked at the numbers and made assumptions. Everything a person should not do. :wink:

But that makes me curious, why not make the version numbers match? It would remove the chance of people making the same mistake.

Anyway, I was truly hoping that the reason the login/logout was not refreshing the screen in device and user mode was due to something that was updated in the scripts and was not available via yum update.
I was hoping this because I wanted a quick and easy (quick) fix…

I did find the solution though.
I found that I needed to add something to the config file under the Action URI settings, that being the connected and disconnected options, make them the same as the poll event.
action uri disconnected:http://$$AA_XML_SERVER_AA$$/$$AA_XMLDIRECTORY_AA$$/asterisk/sync.php?action=check&user=$$SIPUSERNAME$$ and action uri connected:http://$$AA_XML_SERVER_AA$$/$$AA_XMLDIRECTORY_AA$$/asterisk/sync.php?action=check&user=$$SIPUSERNAME$$

If this does not make sense to someone reading this, look at the web interface for the aastra phone and copy what you have under the event poll url field to the connected and disconnected fields, you will find this information under the action uri configuration.

You need to realize, as has been publicly said, that Aastra dumped support for the XML scripts. They still have an XML API, that is a different animal. The scripts were always just examples and they took on a life of their own.

It’s a full time job to take care of them so unless someone picks up the ball it’s not going to happen.

You need to plan your upgrade strategy based on these facts.

I don’t like the fact either, we have sold 1000’s of Aastra phones and have to decide our strategy.

So it is what it is and govern your updates accordingly.