Device and User logout from script or php web application


I have some problems with device and user mode, when the user forgets to logout and
other person can not go to local device to dial *12.

In example :

John’s loging with *11 in a dahdi device ( it is a channel bank ), after working hours John goes home and close the office.

In other Office Mary login with *11, in dial plan Mary and John are similiar workers, and do the same function… But the John extensions is loged and up, given us some dial plan problems.

The question is, how logout a user from a device without goes to device phisical location ?

IMO, an script or web applications is the solution, someone do the job in past ?



This function is exposed in the FreePBX API. Check the dev wiki.

Leap Frog,

Thanks, I am new in freepbx framework. Do you remember the name, or similar information? I am not find its in wiki