Device and User for hotdesking

Distro 4.211.64-7 setup with device and user mode and want to be able to hotdesk for certain users.

Most users will be fixed, with some adhoc users so they can login and logout of workstation phones.

I’m having problems getting the fixed users phones configured with the Aastra xml startup and login - I have the ad-hoc ones working fine it seems.

Ad-hoc seems to use the demo-device-nouser.prf file to startup, then swaps to demo-device-user.prf for the user configuration

When I try to register the fixed users it either says you cant register this type of user, or cant find a configuration file - this depending on what prf file I am trying to use.

Can anyone tell me what prf file should be used for a fixed user? And maybe any other hints that might be useful?

Thanks in advance

Created an operator-device-user.prf in the aastra/asterisk directory then defined operator=201 in aastra/config/asterisk.conf than ran apply_prf.

Buttons show up correctly on the phone as they are programmed in operator-device-user.prf, however the user does not register.

Alternatively, if I dont use the operator prf file, the device (1001) will register and the user will register, but none of the buttons appear - display stays as device’s info, however I can call the user extension (201)