Developers please help > ampdb

I built web page allowing users to register them selves to sip accounts.
In general user enters his desired phone number and password and all the SQL tables get filled with relevant data. After that retrieve_conf script is called which populates that data into asterisk .conf files, and then calls the script which reloads asterisk configuration.
After that a user can log in and place calls but he cant be reached, and in asterisk CLI i saw this line:

[code:1]Executing [[email protected]:6] Set(“SIP/567234-09e1e280”, “AMPUSER=”) in new stack[/code:1]
which tells me that it can’t find AMPUSER data.
After searching I found that there is a asdb (berkley) which in my case doesn’t get populated cause I didn’t know that such db exist.
My question is this:
What command or which script does populate astdb with relevant data?

I found everything, thanks anyway.

Which script did you call to reload the configuratio changes?