Developer Opinion Question

Looking to do a custom “WhiteList” function. It uses some sophisticated SQL (mySQL) statements, which I’ve written and tested outside of asterisk+freePBX (1.4.26/2.5.1). I need to pass to my function the inbound callerID and return a 1 (white) or 0 (black) status to the dialplan for disposition.

The native asterisk mySQL hooks seem limited and crude. As it is a whitelist test on the inbound ringing, faster scripting engine is better. I’ve programmed a lot over my career, but new to asterisk and brand new to its AGI(s). I mention this because I can “probably” work with any of the scripting languages so PHP vs. JAVA personal knowledge isn’t so much of deciding factor as technical efficacy. The “meat” of the white list is in the SQL, not so much the script language wrapper.

Opinion Question … Which of the AGI(s) – PHPAGI, fast, etc – would you more experienced folks recommend as for this dailplan “function” mindful of the mySQL needs.


Use the phpagi.php library that is already supplied in /var/lib/astersk/agi-bin by FreePBX, and then do it in PHP. That way you will be using the same library that the project maintains and supports.

That is my opinion.

Thanks very much.