Developer for small change in module


I am not a developer, therefore I don’t know how to make a change. But I want to contribute a small addition to an add on (CID Superfecta) that would make sense.

How do I go about this? How would I find someone who could do it? Willing to pay for it.



What is your idea?

Long time ago my former boss found a little problem. It is still around and bugging me now.

Any idea where one would find someone I could hire?

I could do the testing.

Code for google contacts is in the file:


which in turn includes files in:


The method used does not return the business name when doing a phone number lookup, and it’s not clear to me in my 2 min of looking, if there is a better method in this class for this. My feeling is that to meet your requirements, you will need to rewrite the module from scratch using a different library.

Thank you!

Where would I find someone I could hire? Any suggestions?

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