Determining which extension is making the most calls

Hi all I had a request to produce a report determining which extension is making the most calls in one month. Is there such a report available and how do I access it? Thanks for your help in advance

Here’s something that might help. Took me about 10 minutes to figure out since your post was a good idea in case someone in my corp wanted a report like this.

In FreePBX GUI, go to Reports, Then CDR Reports
Pick your criteria, and make sure you checkbox on the right side, CSV file, and change the limit to whatever you want it to be. I changed mine to 50000 but still didn’t catch the entire month.

Then go here to figure out how to get a count in excel: How to Count Number of Occurrences in Excel - Statology.

The column i used was cnam, so you can delete whatever columns you see fit, i pretty much deleted everything except cnam as a test. Using the above ‘unique’ method, it gave me who called in the most, and who called out the most.

This is a dirty way of doing this as it won’t tell you if they were calling external numbers, or internal numbers, if that makes any difference to your query. But it’ll give you a general idea of the count you’re looking for.

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Hi there thank you for your concise reply. I will certainly give this a bash. I just wish there was an easier way to pull a report like this.

could you describe in more detail what you are looking for ?
is this a report you would want to run every month ? or every day as a running total for the month ?
do you want a printed report or emailed report ?
Do you want to manually run the report or have it run on a set schedule ?

and, as @sarting mentioned, do you want internal or external or both ? combined?

what’s the purpose for the data ? what is someone going to do with the report ?

I’m asking all this because, for years, “the boss” where I work has wanted all kinds of different reports to show numbers related to sales calls. Inbound vs outbound, percentages of most calls, calls over 1 minute in length, …

if you can give me some more detail, I may be able to put something together for you, or give you more information.

Hi there and thank you for wanting to assist me. We have noticed this month that I’ll call volumes have increased in the office. I was there for asked to try and print out the extensions and establish which extension made the most amount of calls. We will then analyze these calls, and establish whether or not these were personal or someone is just abusing the phone system, it does not have to be a complicated report.

in that case, I think the quickest & simplest is along the lines of what @sarting said…
see the screenshot:

after checking these options, and clicking the Search button, then scroll down and look for the big horizontal bars - these are your high number of calls.

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