Determine which number was called when they share the same trunk

One issue that I came across, was that we have an older Pennsylvania phone number and a newer Texas phone number. I wanted to determine if we were getting any calls on our old PA number, so I could decide if it was worth keeping it or not.

But both numbers are with the same company and come in on the same trunk, so the company would just bill me for the total combined incoming minutes and there is no break down of which number is being called.

And going to the reports section, I did not see anyway to distinguish what number the caller had called, as it only shows the callers caller id and the destination extension, but not the number originally dialed.

Each number does however have it’s own Inbound Route, so the solution is to add a CID NAME PREFIX to each number. So for the PA number I added a CID Name Prefix of PA: and for the Texas number I added a CID Name Prefix of TX:

Now, when I go the reports section, the CLID column (the callers caller id) will start with a prefix of either PA: or TX: depending on which number they called, and I can filter based on this prefix and determine the call volume on each incoming line.

Hope this helps.