Detectng active channels - Queues

I have a cellular phone configured as a static agent in a queue, but it also has an active voicemail service so if the phone is busy then inbound calls are routed by the cellular’s carrier to voicemail. So…is there a way to configure freepbx to detect if the cellular phone is occupying an active freepbx channel and keep further inbound calls in the queue rather than sending them to the cellular?

Am using FreePBX


Try setting up a custom extension and on forwarding from there. Or better, try followme with dial digit to answer so as not to get the mobiles voicemail.

I vaguely remember this covered in a post on various methods.

thanks…setting a ‘call confirmation’ digit requirement could solve this problem, either via a Queue or a FollowMe!

I can see the ‘customs extensions’ module but am unsure how it would be used

Am still interested to know if it can be done automatically though, ie via a detection of the active channel

Are yes the lads brought the in band digit answer into the queues. Yep that will work.

There is a way signalling (isdn) to restrict call diversion via a supplementary message. However you may be able to stop diversion by setting the transfer counter to the maximum that is allowed by your carrier & country. Thou I have seen exceptions put into networks when diverting to voicemail to ignore this.

Have fun!