Detect analog trunk is full after inbound call

FreePBX Distro: 1.814.210.58-1

Hi All,

I have a Distro setup with four analog trunks and each extensions has it’s own outbound route and uses its own trunk as the primary trunk then falls over to “g0” trunk if the maximum channels (1 channel) is reached.

When an extension is dialling out from one of the trunks, it works as expected (DAHDI/1); then if that extension tries to conference an external number it dials out via DAHDI/g0 as it knows the trunk (DAHDI/1) is full… however, if someone calls in on DAHDI/1 and then the extension tries to conference in an external number; it doesn’t recognize DAHDI/1 trunk is full, so tries to call back out via same trunk instead of DAHDI/g0.

Does anyone know how I can configure the system so it registers an inbound call against the (analog) trunks maximum channels?

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Just to follow up on this - Does anyone know if this is possible?