Destination: Send through inbound route

We are having this parking issue:

Now we are unable to make any new parking lots. We now have the plan of reducing the number of parking lots by just making a giant parking lot and putting people in there. However we would like to have a destination for calls besides {terminate call}.

We would like to have calls go back to the original DID and ring the inbound route as if it was a new call. I figure a custom destination would be able to do this but I’m not sure how to get this done.

First lines of a new call coming into the server

– Executing [8614913052@from-trunk:1] Set(“IAX2/callrouter-4348”, “__DIRECTION=INBOUND”) in new stack
– Executing [8614913052@from-trunk:2] Gosub(“IAX2/callrouter-4348”, “sub-record-check,s,1(in,8614913052,dontcare)”) in new stack

How do I write a path to send it back to the inbound route destination based on what DID it called?