Destination over "busy" onyl for external calls?

I’m aware of the possibility to set up a destination if an extension is busy… but this feature its half good and half bad for me!
I would like to make that internal calls will hear the classic “busy tone” if they call a busy extension, but i need that if someone call the office and skip the IVR by typing and extension number, if the extension they call is busy they will be redirected to the IVR or to a ring group!

I was just thinking about giving to those who already know our extension numbers, the numbers for the user Queues!
So, they call the office, the IVR plays, they call the queue so if the user is free they will be instantly make the phone ring, otherwise they will be put in a queue and the trick is done! but as i just said it would be only a trick (and the customers have to remember this new thing…)

You can’t do that without customizing the dialplan. The system does not route calls differently based on it being an “internal” or “external” call. A call hits the extension, the rules are executed.

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Thanks for the super quick answare!
for dialplan you are referring to dial patterns that the outbound route will use?

No, I’m referring to how calls are sent to extensions. If a call is sent to ext 100, it will use the Alternate Destination regardless if it was another extension or a call from over the PSTN trunk. So again, it doesn’t matter how the call go to the extension it doesn’t care. It will just follow the rules for the extension as they are laid out.

If you want to change the behavior so that calls to an extension are handled different based on “internal” and “external” you will have to write custom dialplan to do so.

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Okey, that’s what i wasnt sure to have completly understood… unlikely, i realyl dont think i can manage to write custom code, so i will just forgot about this and will give out queues numbers and everyone should be fine anyway!
thanks for your time and help,

This is not overly difficult. With about 4-5 lines of dialplan, you can check for the value of channel variables that would only be set for extenal calls (DIRECTION and OUTNUM) and then create a custom destination. For a bit of support credit we could do it for you

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