Destination of No Answer Priority

We have a ring group 101 and the “Destination if no answer” was ring group 102.
The “Destination if no answer” on each Extension of ring group 101 member was also ring group 102.

May I know what will be the priority of the system, the Extension “Destination if no answer” or Ring Groups “Destination if no answer”? Thanks.

If I understand how the system works (which is not a forgone assumption), the RG 101 and the extension DestIfNoAns settings handled at the same basic priority.

IIRC, the Destination on no answer for the extension is used if it’s set, but if the option isn’t set, it’s “supplemented” with the one from the Ring Group. A Ring Group isn’t really an “object” in the system (like a queue or an extension are), it is more of a “collective”. The Ring Group is just a short-hand for “ring all of these phones as individual phones at the same time”. With that simplification, that would imply that the Ring Groups error destination would be used to set an empty error destination.

If that’s the case, then the phone’s error dest would be the higher priority.

If I understand it correctly, the system will read first the Extension DestIfNoAns if set otherwise it will read the RG DestIfNoAns?

Why would a ring group follow a Destination if no answer from a extension???

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