Destination not showing in Call Display Report

Beta been working great without any problems except that the destination show up as h in outbound calls. Works correctly in calls between extensions. This started happening erratically on 8/31 and since 9/8 it has been all calls. It is a PBXIAF install and all updates are done through module administration. I keep it updated at least once per day. Didn’t want to submit as bug without being sure it wasn’t some setting I was missing. This is a sip route. I have a outbound route with a different provider that is working. The only difference in the 2 is that the one that is working is through a PAP2T with zaptel and the one not working is fully SIP. Is it a bug?

Michael Stults

It does not sound like a FreePBX nor can I think of a change that may have altered the CDRs.

The CDRs have always been questionable depending on which fields you are looking at, between Asterisk and the FreePBX dialplan they can get messy.

However - changes in what is in there will typically occur from new ways of doing things or new dialplan features that you may not have been taking advantage of. From the information provided, that is my best ‘guess’ as to what may be going on.