Destination in Reports showing h for every call

I upgraded from a very old version of Trixbox, it just had so much info i couldnt rebuild the machine.
It has Asterisk 1.2 on it and i decided to upgrade FreePBX by following the instructions on

I now see i have the latest freepbx and for the most part everything seems to work ok. My one problem is that CDR is not recording destination number.

Everytime i make a phone call the destination gets recorded as “h” any idea how to fix this?

2010-09-07 18:24:46 SIP/230-b7… XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX h NO ANSWER

Note that the “h” doesnt appear if its extension to extension

btw, in record above i replaced the 10 digit callerID with X’s for privacy reasons. But as you can see the destination just lists “h”

Any help would be really appreciated

Thank you

Same boat as you are. I went back to 2.5 and it’s fine again.