Destination host unreachable after creating an extension

I am completely new to FreePBX. I am trying to replace an old Elastix PBX (not configured by me) with FreePBX.

After installing and setting up the network settings and updating all the modules everything seems ok.

But after I create an extension and apply the changes everything crashes. GUI can’t be reached. Ping shows: Destination Host Unreachable.
If I restart the whole machine I can reach the GUI up until Asterisk starts and then is automatically crashes. I am not able to change anything to bring it back to life.

What obvious thing (not known by me) am I doing wrong?

Is this bare metal or virtual?

While the system is unreachable over the network are you able to use the system from the console directly?

I am able to use the console directly, yes.

Sounds like a firewall issue, have you run the firewall wizard and added your local/management network ?

If you do have console access when you lose connection run
fwconsole firewall stop

Then check connectivity and firewall config to re-enable

The firewall is already stopped.

From console do you have connectivity from the freepbx to your network ?

Yes I do.
Edit: so I just realized that if I run the command to stop firewall, enable firewall and stop again, everything works again.

If you can get to your network from freePBX but can’t get back the firewall is enabled
fwconsole firewall stop

Rerun the wizard and add all networks phones and management will originate from

FreePBX firewall will be disabled for a short time on reboot to allow you to access the firewall settings via gu/sshi if misconfigured, then start automatically if enabled,

So although the Firewall is disabled, when any new user tries to connect for the first time he gets automatically blocked.

Any clue where I could look to fix this? As soon as they try to login (we use Zoiper) they get blocked.

That’s typically done through the firewall and fail2ban/Intrusion Detection. I would not recommend disabling the firewall. Work through getting it configured appropriately for your environment.

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