Destination fax missing after upgrade to 13

I just upgraded from V12 to 13.
Now on Distro 6.12.65-31
From the inbound routes the destination “fax” is missing.
I deleted the fax module and added back, still no fax destination.

any ideas?

Faxing is now enabled in the User Management Module… check there.

Ok. Need to enable at lest one user to get the destination fax.


I have been running FreePBX 10.13.66-11 for a while. Inbound routes which are destined for FAX are set to FAX RECIPIENT and it has been working.

I also see the message in Dashboard regarding change dest to manager users. However when looking at the destination list in the inbound route, there is no ‘Manager Users’ or anything resembling it. Do they mean extensions?


Browse to admin, user management and configure fax reception for each user.

Old thread but I have just updated from 12-> 13 and enabled fax in the user manager user for all of the extensions that had fax previously. But when I try to set the destination there is no “User Manager Users” like I am expecting there to be. Where should the calls be sent?

in the extensions, you will still set it to Fax recipient, but in order to see that chose, you will have to enable it in User Management

Users must also have an email address.