Deskphone/softphone on mobile for same extension number


I would like to register a deskphone and a “softphone on mobile” for the same extension number. We can do this with PJSIP. However, I am looking for some options for chansip. I have been reading the wiki and learned about Zulu and Bria cloud solutions. Zulu does not have a mobile client so far but it seems sangoma is working on it. Would Bria cloud solutions help with my requirement? Is there any other better solution than this?


If you try to do this with Chan-SIP, the last phone to log in is the one that’s registered. It is a completely different experience than the one you get with PJ-SIP (which can have both on line at the same time). It’s one of the attractive features of PJ-SIP, since Chan-SIP can’t do anything like it.