Desk Phone won't ring when Connect App is active

FreePBX 15
Asterisk 16
PJSIP (converted from original chan_sip using gui)

My understanding, possibly erroneously, was that with PJSIP you can have multiple devices connected simultaneously to the same extension.

I have a client that has a D65 desk phone and the sangoma connect app on his cell phone. When he has the cell phone app turned on, and a call comes in, only the cell phone app will ring. Is this normal?

is there a setting somewhere I’m missing?

Change max contacts in the advanced tab

Damn it!!! I knew it was a simple setting… Thanks @sorvani!!

As part of the config for enabling SNG Connect, the max contacts param is set for you. Did you manually change it back to 1 after enabling Connect for the extension?

It’s entirely possible…

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So as background, there are two methods by which you can appear to have multiple devices ring with the same extension number. One way is by use of a shadow extension, which is how Zulu and Webrtc work. An alternate extension is created by FreePBX behind the scenes and dialplan is created that rings both extensions when the primary is called. The other method is to have Asterisk do it using an additional PJSIP contact. When an Asterisk endpoint is dialed, all active contacts associated with the endpoint are dialed.

You will want to be aware of which method is in use when you touch the max contacts setting for an extension.

Sounds reasonable, how can we be aware of that?

The clues are there when you run pjsip show contacts from the Asterisk console. But really you just need to know that Connect Mobile uses a pjsip contact while Zulu and webrtc use a shadow endpoint.

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