Design question: Virtual or Physical

We’re planning on deploying a FreePBX-based phone solution with 5-6 servers connected using IAX2 trunks. We want all of our inbound and outbound calls to go through a central server. We already have both available physical blade servers and a VMware 5.5 virtualized environment. We have no need for hardware connections on the “core” server since all calls are going to be using SIP trunks or gateways.

Initially we’ll have around 120 phones but that may increase to approximately 300 spread across all of the servers. The inbound/outbound call volume will be fairly low, we should very rarely have more than 20 simultaneous calls.

I would prefer to build the server virtualized so that it can be backed up normally with our standard virtual backups and for all of the other benefits of having it virtual.

My question is basically: Can a virtualized FreePBX server handle this load or should I build it on a physical server?

The short answer is Yes.

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I think you’re way overestimating what you need for 20 simultaneous calls. We have 100ish extensions and the load on our single vm, on our hyperconverged cluster is minimal to nonexistant at best. We don’t call record or do anything outrageous. Our outside trunk usage is around 7-10 at the high end, but our people use it extensively for intercom, across sites over S2S VPNs.

PS, esx 5.5 is way out of date. If you have active support, you should be upgrading.

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