Design help needed

I finally installed FreePBX and it is all up and running now. What I need to do is to make a system that will have one DDI coming from the trunk (done) that will play a voice recording for the caller and wait for the caller to type in a 5 digit number. Based on the 5 digit number typed, the system will send a caller to the voice recording queue (wrong choice of words, I know) where the system will play another (longer) voice recording (first in the queue) and, after and during the recording that is playing, offer a set of choices (1 to go to the next voice recording in the queue, 2 to go to the previous voice recording in the que, 3 to leave a message, 4 to go to the first voice recording again and 5 to hangup). Options to rewind and forward while listening to the messages will ideally, be available as well. Summarised, the process would look as follows:

  1. Call comes in from the trunk (one DDI only)
  2. A short voice recording is played to the caller (e.g “Please select your 5 digit number”)
  3. 5 digit number entered
  4. The caller is transferred to a queue of recordings
  5. The caller listens to the first recording in the queue
  6. the caller has options to rewind and forward the recording (recordings will be long)
  7. At the end of the first recording, the caller gets IVR like choices (1 to do …, 2 to do …). One of the options is to leave a message.

Looking forward to read what you would do for the above set of requirements. Extensions, IVRs or something else (custom application?).


So basically you have incoming calls routed to an IVR that has no choices, just says the “enter your 5 digit code during this message” over and over, and the code go to different IVRs that have the choices and the choices lead to announcements.

Just jump in and start building it, that’s the only way your going to learn if it will work.

Thanks Ted, you are right. The best way to go is to start playing with the system. And I did. Some basic structure is there and operational. I route the call to an extension and then to IVR and IVR sends to call to another IVR and so on.

So far so god. However, now I need to learn how to create new IVRs programmatically. I hope that ARI will be able to help me with this. Otherwise, I am in trouble as my languages are C#, JS and similar (not C).

I would appreciate advice on whether ARI can be used to create IVR and if yes, a link to an example (any language) would be of help.


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