Deprecated Directory used by 3 IVRs

I am getting the following notice after updating to to freepbx 2.8 Beta2. Anyone know what this means? The only thing that I can think of is that it is refering to 3 IVRR menus that I have that if you push a number it goes straight to a users voicemail. If its this how should I configure it to be correct. If its not any idea what I need to fix? Thanks :slight_smile: Jon

Deprecated Directory used by 3 IVRs
There are 3 IVRs that have the legacy Directory dialing enabled. This has been deprecated and will be removed from future releases. You should convert your IVRs to use the Directory module for this functionality and assign an IVR destination to a desired Directory. You can install the Directory module from the Online Module Repository
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That is referring to the dial-by-name directory option in the IVR that lets someone press ‘#’ to get to the dial-by-name directory.

That is being phased out in place of the new Directory module. It will continue to run just like it used to be the new directory module gives a lot more flexibility and is being designed to operate better. (Though right now it is in beta and I’m sure still has some kinks.)

Hmm, dont think I had the directory enabled. Could it be that in a few IVR’s I had # mapped to go to voicemail (so I could call in and hit # to check my VM)?


There was a bug, #4296 that was making it put the warning there even if you don’t have any.

However, if it says you have 3 then that part if not an error (which means the bug would not have broken you).

The statement that determines if you have any set is:

$count = sql('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `ivr` WHERE `enable_directory` = "CHECKED"','getOne');

so it’s only basing it on the check box setting for the dial-by-name directory.

Thanks, I just rechecked my IVRs and saw that 3 ofthem had that checked, I unchecked it (dont even use that feature)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Great, it was working perfect.
Now how do I set so it say the recording from voicemail name instead of spelling each letter?

Also my callers are used to enter the # to get to the directory… how do I keep it the same way so when they press # it does what the old one did?

So I have checked the feature code # for directory but I still dont have a inbound directory, now that it is deprecated how to I update it to work with

I figured out the directory issue, i thought it was a freepbx module but its from It appears to be a third party module, but works great