Deployment on new server


I changed the server. I want transfert the deployement ID to the new server for commercial modules (FreePBX CM XactDialer / Brodcast).

I made a hardware reset and remove the licence from the old server. But the new server don’t find the licence, and there is no option to force the licence with the new ID deployment

So we can not longer carry out call with this module (licence not found, on the old and on the new server)…

Any ideas to resolve the probleme ?

I have read this, and already make the reset hardware on old server. The new server is activated. But the licence is not transfered…

If the new server is activated using the old deployment ID, then the licensing is transferred.

Thanks, it does not work with the previous ID, who had the actived license.

But with a older ID, the first ID where the license was used; it’s OK.