Deployment gone wrong

hi i had to move my deployment from one machine to another for various reasons. i deactivated it on the old server and then proceeded to activate it on the new server, everything seemed to go well and i was able to update the system and start setting it up. partway through the setup the system tells me it is not activated so i go to that area to re enter the deployment id and it tells me it is locked to another machine. as i had not wiped the old server yet i checked its activation status and it too is not activated. so i logged in to my portal but it does not give me the option to unlock the deployment and i don’t know what to do to fix this as i have purchased modules under this deployment and don’t really want to purchase them again.

Open a customer service support ticket with your dep id requesting a reset.

don’t i have to pay for support though?

Not for a customer service ticket.

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