Deployment enhancement request

I would like to add a column to the list of deployment in the Sangoma web portal. I need to see last checked in.

Sorry that is not something we track

Tony please excuse me if you understood it this way but my guess is that he means the last time the node, the monitored FreePBX server, has checked in. At least that is how I am interpreting his request …I’m sure you track this.

Not sure as he did not state RMS but portal.

No, not the RMA, but for the deployment license.
In the PBX you see deployment ID. This ID is checked to see what modules you have licensed. Each time it does that I would like to see the date, time and IP address when it checked it. Listed on the deployment license portal screen.
Or the data from when DDNS name was checked.
This way I can reuse deployment ID instead of creating more of them.
But if you’re not tracking it we have nothing to add.

thanks, Tony.