Delima on Which way to turn here

Hello Everyone,

I am a little on the new side for dealing with this Voip stuff but I am in a situation where I am needing to upgrade from a very old version of trixbox 2.1.1, 2.2.2, and 2.2.3 I am finding that it is more difficult than I expected as far as upgrading. What they had done before I got here is buy 3 Trixbox appliances version with freePBX 2.5. I am needing the bulkextensions module and cannot install it because it says I need to be at fpbx 2.10. Now I find myself thinking we need to just rebuild those trixbox appliances with customized build so we can get the modules as well as the base OS Build updates. I need some help with this and some direction. 

If there is a way to just upgrade in place i would prefer that.
If I have to rebuild from scratch I need some help with understanding how to port our current config: inbounds/outbounds, trunks, extensions, MOH, IVRs over to the new system from the old system.

Thanks for your help,

There is no easy way. backup and restore is designed for the same version only. Your only option is to start with your new system on FreePBX 2.8 and restore the backup then upgrade to 2.10

If you know how to use install_amp the standalone FreePBX installer and take those boxes to 2.8. Then create a new 2.8 machine (CentOS 4 is just too old to try and hack it up) on CentOS 5 restore the 2.8 backup then update all the way to 2.10

Regardless of current effort requirements invest the time now to move to another solution. Trixbox is gone. No updates no support. Trixbox 2.8 was never ready for primetime in my humble opinion. Move somewhere with a community and updates.

I am talking about FreePBX versions not trixbox. The trixbox he has probably has FreePBX 2.2 on it so he can walk it up using install_amp to FreePBX 2.8 then have some options.

BTW Welcome back James.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the responses, in essence I have trixbox with a freePBX version of 2.5, I would like to preserve the system as much as I can. I have a Sangoma FXO/FXS & T1/E1 Ports card in these appliances (There are 3 of them). My question is at this point does FreePBX 2.10 Distro (I actually Prefer this) Support this card? 

So I was looking for a way to upgrade / update in place. Would it be better to just install freePBX distro on the Appliance? Mind you two of these appliances are in a remote location. Thus the need to upgrade/update in place.

How do I preserve the settings that I have and move them to the new installation?, Is it just simply copying the config files from the /etc/asterisk file location to the new installation and path?

Does anyone have any info or documentation on step by step process for using the install_amp?

Thanks again,

If you have a Trixbox 2.8 I wrote a script that alot of users have used that will convert the system to a full fledge FreePBX Distro and yes we support the Sangoma cards.

Yup I see what ya mean i will give it a shot and let you know what happens. I am still having to enter everything in the 2.8s manually it’s a pain I tell ya…But it will be worth it in the end.