Deleting old unused modules

I have a FreePBX system that was upgraded to 2.10. There are several modules listed in Module Admin that are listed as “Not Installed (Locally available)”.

A2Billing Admin     Not Installed (Locally available)  
ConfigEdit     Not Installed (Locally available)  
Sys Info     Not Installed (Locally available)  
phpMyAdmin     Not Installed (Locally available)  

When I look in /var/www/html/modules I see subdirectories for these old modules.

For example there is a directory /var/ww/html/modules/a2billing which contains 2 files, module.xml and page.a2billing.php. The file page.a2billing.php contains the following which points to a directory that does not exist.

My question is can I delete the old module directories from /var/www/html/modules?

Yes it wont hurt anything

and further more, if you want you can type:

/var/lib/asterisk/module_admin delete