Deleting a user speeddial entry, or deleting all entries for a user

I’ve found no direct way of deleting a user speedial entry from the *75 feature code.

This is important to be able to delete such an entry, because user speeddial takes precedence over main phonebook speedial.

So if the same speeddial code is in use in the phonebook as well as for a user context, the user speedial entry is used instead of the phonebook entry when dialing *0-speeddialcode

It would be important to be able to delete a user speeddial, so that a user can get back the entry from the phonebook.

It is specially important when a new employee arrive in the company, so that is does have full access to the company phonebook instead of the old user.

So a FreePBX module or a feature code to manage or delete all user speeddial entries would be fine as well.

Thanks for your listening,