Delete voicemail from phone when sent via email

Is it possible to configure voicemails to be deleted from the phone if they are sent in an email?

Just kind of redundant for users to have to log in to delete the messages from their phones when they also receive a voicemail in their email.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Yep, there is an option on the individual extension voicemail settings. This way once it’s emailed to the user the system will purge the voicemail automatically.

Enable “delete voicemail”

Simple enough. Thanks for the quick replies.

New to using free PBX so I am still getting a feel for it.

While overall that solves my problem because it was more of an annoyance to me so I’m all set, and now I can enable that for any users that individually complain. But is there a global setting to enable deleting voicemails after emailing for all extensions?

Also, how exactly does the delete work. Say an smtp issue arises and voicemail emails are stuck trying to send out. Will the phone display a new voicemail until the email is successfully sent out?

Thanks again

In this case the voicemail will be lost forever.

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